SP1: Industrialisation, Scale-up and Competitiveness

This R&I priority theme is guided by the IEA's Grand Challenges in WInd Energy Science and the R&I priorities from ETIPWind's Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. Research topics take note of the current state of the Art and future challenges and also recognise the need to continuously improve the underlying design and modelling tools. As the wind energy sector strives to meet the escalating demands for sustainable and clean energy solutions, it confronts grand challenges in industrialization, scale-up, and competitiveness. These challenges are intricately linked to advancements in wind turbine technology, a critical component in harnessing the power of the wind more efficiently and at a lower cost. The main researchs sub-themes are :

  • Mass production supported by automation and reliable supply chain
  • Design for large volume maufacuring and deployment
  • Design for reliable and lasting products
  • Improve construction and installation methods
  • Adequate economic and financial conditions