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Documents 20 March 2024

Stephan Barth, new coordinator of EERA JP Wind

Stephan Barth is the new coordinator of EERA JP Wind ! He takes over from Ignacio Marti Perez , who is leaving DTU and his role as JP Coordinator and whom we would like to thank warmly for his work over the last 18 months. Currently Managing Director of ForWind - Center for Wind Energy Research and Chair of the IEA Wind Technology Collaboration Programme, with a lot of experience in leading interdisciplinary, international teams, Stephan Barth knows how to deliver innovative solutions and facilitate collaborations with industry stakeholders, academia and government agencies. Elected by unanimous vote by the Steering Committee of JP Wind, he will pursue the ambitious goal of transforming the EERA JP Wind into a European Centre of Excellence.
The first short-term task will be to reorganise our work in the light of the challenges highlighted by the NeWindEERA results, in conjunction with our colleagues at ETIPWind, where Stephan Barth will also sit as vice-chair of the Steering Committee.