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News 08 November 2023

The scientific publications from EERA DeepWind are now available on-line.

A record number of 74 papers are published with open access in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series volume 2626, 2023. The papers have been carefully peer-reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee of EERA DeepWind, assessing originality, quality and relevance. The following topics within offshore wind are addressed:

  • New turbine and generator technology
  • Grid connection and power system integration
  • Met-ocean conditions
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Sub-structures and mooring
  • Marine operations and logistics
  • Wind farm optimisation
  • Experimental testing and validation
  • Wind farm control systems
  • Societal impact and controversies
  • Environmental impact
  • Legal and regulatory framework

The EERA DeepWind conference 2024 will take place in Trondheim on 17-19 January. Read more about it on the EERA DeepWind website. The website is also where you can register for your participation.