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Videos & Interviews 04 February 2023

Moving towards a European Center of Excellence on Wind Energy

Wind energy is to play a key role in any future energy scenario, and research will be crucial to overcome the challenges that the new energy system will pose. With that perspective, the JP Management Board (MB) have started this year actively discussing about what the future for JP Wind should be. Our Steering Committee asked the MB to update the strategy for our JP and we have taken the first steps in that direction.

We have decided to move towards the formulation of a wind energy research program that will turn long term scenarios (IEA Net Zero by 2050 and RePower EU) into research gaps and themes with a timeline. The aim of the program is:

  • To influence decisionmakers both at national and EU level to ensure enough funding is available for wind energy research short, medium and long term
  • To enable better coordination of research activities within Europe
  • To monitor research progress

In Trondheim, JP Wind Coordinator Ignacio Marti Perez recalled the challenges for wind energy in the coming months, and how all the stakeholders should transform the JP in a European Center of Excellence.

What we want to create is a Research programme that can be adopted by national and international stakeholders

Ignacio Marti Perez