SP7: Structures, materials and components

In the last decades, wind turbines have grown to be amongst the largest and highest loaded structures. Coupled with a need for lower energy costs, this means that the requirements an materials and structures are extremely high. This SP aims to bring together the leading European research organizations in order to support the industry fulfilling these requirements.
In turn, this implies a full understanding of structural response and increased knowledge of material behaviour in order to develop the appropriate tools and lay the basis for standards for designing such large structures, undertaking very high fluctuating loads, with increased reliability and reduced maintenance needs, while complying with all constraints of the wind turbine system. This combination of requirements is not encountered in any other structural sector (oil & gas, aeronautics, naval structures, civil works) and certainly presents a challenge for the engineering community. Materials, including better knowledge of properties, new and improved materials and their degradation and failure mechanisms provide new opportunities for weight and cost reductions, higher reliability and improved manufacture of blades, structures and mechanical components.




Arno van Wingerde SP7 Coordinator
Fraunhofer IWES